NexiGo Aurora Pro: The Ultimate 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector for an Immersive Viewing Experience!

NexiGo Aurora Pro: The Ultimate 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector for an Immersive Viewing Experience!

Welcome⁢ to our ⁢product review blog, where we’ll be diving into the⁣ exciting world of the NexiGo Aurora Pro, Ultra ⁢Short Throw ​4K Tri-Color Laser Projector. With its impressive specs and innovative features, this⁤ projector promises to elevate your viewing ⁣experience to new heights.‌ From vivid color reproduction to Dolby Vision and ⁢Active‍ 3D display, this projector has it all. Join us as we share our firsthand experience ‍with the NexiGo Aurora Pro and ⁢uncover its true capabilities. So sit back,‍ relax, and let’s embark on this immersive cinematic journey together.

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Overview ‍of the NexiGo Aurora Pro Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector

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The NexiGo Aurora Pro Ultra‍ Short Throw ‍4K Tri-Color Laser Projector is a state-of-the-art device that offers a truly immersive and cinematic viewing experience. With ⁤its 2400 lumens brightness, it delivers vivid and vibrant colors, ensuring that every⁤ detail pops on ‌the screen. The projector also ‌features Dolby ⁤Vision, which enhances the dynamic range and contrast of the image, making the visuals even more captivating.

One of the standout features of the Aurora Pro is its‌ active 3D display capability. Whether you’re a fan of⁢ frame cpacking, frame sequential, left and right, or top and bottom formats, this projector has got you covered. It allows for seamless gaming with an ultra-low 12ms input lag, ensuring a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. The advanced MEMC technology guarantees fluid motion, perfect for watching ⁣sports and action-packed movies.

With the Aurora Pro, you can cast a massive⁣ 150″ screen in any room, regardless of its size. It also ‌supports lightning-fast streaming with Wi-Fi 6, giving you instant access to all your favorite content. The projector features advanced 8-point keystone correction, ensuring that your projection is perfectly level. And if⁤ you’re using it in the dark, the backlit remote control ⁣provides easy navigation.

To enhance your viewing experience, the Aurora Pro is best paired with an ALR Fresnel projector​ screen. This screen is ​specifically tailored for UST laser projectors ⁢and‌ offers⁣ an⁣ impressive 85% ambient light⁣ resistance, providing clear images even in well-lit spaces. The projector also​ supports TV sticks like Roku or FireTV, and its HDMI port features Consumer ​Electronics Control (CEC) functionality for added convenience.

Overall, the ⁣NexiGo Aurora Pro Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector is a top-notch device that delivers outstanding visual quality, impressive sound, and a‍ seamless user experience. It’s perfect for both gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers who want to transform their living spaces into their own private theater. ⁣Don’t⁢ miss out on this incredible product ‍– check ⁢it out on Amazon and take your entertainment to the next level.

Highlighting the Remarkable Features of ‍the ⁢NexiGo Aurora ‍Pro Laser Projector

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  • Vivid Color Reproduction: The NexiGo Aurora Pro⁤ laser projector delivers stunning color accuracy and vibrancy, providing a truly immersive viewing experience. With its ALPD ⁣4.0 RGB+ technology and⁣ dynamic laser dimming, it achieves a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, enhancing black ​levels without compromising color accuracy.

  • Dolby Vision Enabled: Unlike⁣ any other ultra short throw⁤ projector on the market, the ‌Aurora Pro⁢ features Dolby Vision, a ‍cutting-edge technology that takes HDR content to the next level. Combined with its native ⁢contrast ratio of over 3000:1 and dynamic laser dimming, the Aurora ‌Pro delivers an unrivaled visual experience with improved tone mapping.

  • Active 3D ⁣Display: Immerse yourself in the‌ world of 3D entertainment with the Aurora Pro’s active 3D display capabilities. Whether you’re watching 3D‍ movies or‌ playing 3D games, ⁢this projector brings your content to life with incredible ⁢depth and realism.

  • Seamless Gaming: Gamers will appreciate the ultra-low 12ms input lag of the Aurora Pro, ensuring a smooth ​and responsive​ gaming experience. With⁣ advanced MEMC technology for ‍fluid motion, this projector is perfect for sports enthusiasts and action movie lovers as well.

  • Epic 150” Screen: Cast a ⁤truly cinematic experience with the Aurora Pro’s ability to produce a huge screen ⁤up to 150 inches. Whether you have a small ‌room or a large space, this projector adapts to any size, bringing your movies, TV shows, and games to life on a grand scale.

  • Lightning-Fast Streaming: With Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, the Aurora Pro offers instant access to all your favorite content. Whether you’re streaming movies, TV shows, or playing online games, this projector ensures a seamless and lag-free streaming experience.

  • 8-Point Keystone Correction: Enjoy ⁣perfectly level and aligned projection with the ‌Aurora Pro’s advanced 8-point keystone correction. This feature eliminates ‍any distortion⁣ or unevenness caused by the​ projection surface, ensuring⁣ a crisp and clear image.

  • Backlit ‌Remote: Control your projector with ease, even in the dark, thanks to the backlit remote of the Aurora Pro. With just a⁢ toggle of the backlight, you can navigate through the control options effortlessly.

The NexiGo Aurora Pro laser projector offers⁤ an exceptional home theater experience with its remarkable features. From its vivid color​ reproduction and Dolby Vision capability to its active ​3D display and seamless gaming​ performance, this projector⁢ delivers stunning visuals ⁣and immersive entertainment. With its ability to cast a massive screen, lightning-fast streaming, and convenient features⁢ like backlit remote and keystone correction, it is designed to enhance your viewing pleasure and provide a user-friendly experience. Don’t miss ⁤out on this extraordinary‍ projector, click here ⁣to get yours now!

In-depth Analysis: Performance, ‌Image Quality, and User⁢ Experience

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In our in-depth analysis of the NexiGo Aurora Pro Ultra ‌Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector, we have evaluated its performance, image ⁣quality, and⁢ user experience. Let’s dive into the details.


  • Vivid Color Reproduction: The Aurora‌ Pro offers vivid color reproduction, ensuring stunning visuals and a truly immersive viewing experience.
  • Dolby Vision Enabled: This projector⁤ supports Dolby Vision, enhancing the dynamic range and color accuracy of your content for lifelike visuals.
  • Active 3D Display: ‌With support ‍for various 3D formats, including frame packing, frame sequential, left and right, and top and bottom, the Aurora Pro offers a seamless and thrilling 3D viewing ⁤experience.
  • Seamless Gaming: Gamers will appreciate the ultra-low 12ms input lag, providing a smoother gaming‌ experience. The advanced MEMC technology ensures fluid motion, ⁢perfect for sports and action-packed movies.

Image Quality:

  • Epic 150″ Screen: Cast a ⁤huge ⁢screen in any room size, creating a cinema-like atmosphere in the comfort of your⁤ home.
  • Lightning-Fast Streaming: Thanks to Wi-Fi 6, you can enjoy instant access to all your favorite content, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.
  • 8-point Keystone Correction: The Aurora ⁣Pro features advanced keystone correction, ensuring that your projection is perfectly level and free from any distortion.
  • Wavy Image Solution: In case you encounter a wavy image when projecting on the wall, it is likely due to the ⁣uneven surface of the⁢ wall. This is a common issue with ultra-short throw projectors as they magnify even‌ minor irregularities. Consider ⁤using an ALR ​Fresnel projector screen for optimal visual quality.

User Experience:

  • Backlit Remote: The remote control of the Aurora Pro ⁢features a convenient backlight option, making it easy to navigate and control the projector, even in a dark room.
  • TV Stick Compatibility: You can easily connect TV sticks like Roku or FireTV to the Aurora Pro using the HDMI 2.1 ​ports, allowing for seamless content streaming and access to apps on ‍a larger, high-quality screen. Additionally, the HDMI port supports‍ CEC functionality for‌ added convenience.
  • Backlit Remote with Air Mouse: The remote control of the Aurora Pro supports backlighting and⁢ air mouse functions, offering effortless navigation and a smooth user experience.

To maximize‌ your laser TV ⁢experience, we⁢ recommend adding the necessary accessories ‍for your‍ setup. You can find them on our ‍website. (Add ⁤Call to Action link:​ Shop Now)

From the customer reviews, it is evident ​that the NexiGo Aurora Pro has been well-received, with an average rating of 4.4‍ out of 5 ⁣stars. Customers praise the projector for its exceptional image quality, immersive sound, and user-friendly features.

Overall, the NexiGo Aurora Pro Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector delivers ⁢an outstanding performance, impressive image quality, and a user-friendly experience. It is a versatile projector⁤ that caters to the needs of gamers, movie enthusiasts, and anyone seeking ​a truly immersive viewing ⁣experience.

Specific Recommendations for ⁣the Ideal Usage of the NexiGo‌ Aurora Pro

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  1. Vivid‌ Color Reproduction: The NexiGo Aurora Pro is designed to deliver ⁢vivid color reproduction,⁣ providing you with a stunning visual experience. To maximize color accuracy, ⁢we recommend using the projector in a‍ light-controlled environment. This will allow you to fully appreciate the projector’s ability to display vibrant and ‍true-to-life colors.

  2. Dolby Vision Enabled: The Aurora⁤ Pro is the only Ultra Short Throw projector on the market that features Dolby Vision. To‍ fully enjoy this advanced HDR technology, we recommend streaming content that is compatible with Dolby Vision. This will ensure that ⁣you experience‍ the full range of contrast and colors that Dolby Vision provides.

  3. Active 3D⁣ Display: If you’re a fan of 3D movies,‍ the Aurora Pro has got you⁢ covered. It supports various 3D formats, including frame packing, frame ‌sequential, left and right, and⁢ top and bottom. To enjoy ‌a truly ‌immersive 3D experience, we recommend using compatible 3D glasses and playing 3D content that is optimized for‌ the Aurora Pro.

  4. Seamless Gaming: The Aurora Pro boasts an ultra-low 12ms input lag, making ​it perfect for gaming. To enhance your gaming experience, we recommend connecting your gaming console or PC to the projector⁣ using the HDMI 2.1​ ports. This will ensure a seamless and responsive gaming experience, with reduced lag and ghosting.

  5. Epic 150” Screen: One of the standout features of the Aurora⁤ Pro is its ability ⁢to cast a huge screen in a room of any size. To ​fully take advantage of this, we recommend projecting onto a wall or using a compatible ALR Fresnel projector screen.​ The ALR screen will enhance image clarity and contrast, especially in well-lit spaces.

These specific recommendations will help you get the most out of your NexiGo Aurora Pro projector. ⁤Whether you’re enjoying movies, ‌gaming, or any other content, following‍ these guidelines will ensure a truly immersive and engaging experience. Click here to get ‍your own NexiGo Aurora Pro and unlock a world‍ of entertainment possibilities.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have compiled ​a selection of customer reviews to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the NexiGo ​Aurora Pro, Ultra Short Throw 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector. Here’s what customers have ⁣to say:

Overall Satisfaction

  • “First off it’s good. ‌Brightness levels are really good and the picture quality is great.”
  • “Super ​frustrating! Right after the latest firmware update, this projector is practically useless. It turns off every time I try​ to turn it on. Love the picture quality when it actually stays on, but this constant shutting down is a deal-breaker.”
  • “The picture and⁢ sound of this projector is freaking‍ amazing, ​I love it and ‌it’s so ⁢bright even at daytime!”
  • “The NexiGo⁤ Aurora Pro is nothing short of incredible. It’s a versatile, well-built and functional piece of‌ hardware that any home-entertainment fanatic would go crazy over.”
  • “I recently purchased the NexiGo Ultra Short ‌Throw ⁤Projector, and I couldn’t be more impressed! This projector has ​exceeded ⁢all my expectations and transformed my viewing experience at home.”
  • “An outstanding projector. The picture quality is ​outstanding, and there is very little ‌rainbow effect. The sound quality is good and Dolby. Highly recommended.”

Installation and Setup

  • “Set​ the Aurora pro up‌ and loving the⁤ picture quality. Setup was easy. I ⁣started projecting on a bare wall, but​ added an inexpensive cloth projector screen for about $25 which improves the picture quality.”
  • “Turned on the Aurora for the first time is breathtaking. The projected screen⁣ is ‍bright, vibrant and is ‍very ‌difficult to⁤ see through. Audio is loud, bassy and overall, very well-balanced for a truly cinema-like experience.”
  • “Set up is easy, in terms of⁤ wires. You can have it up ‍and running in minutes. Projects better onto a screen than a wall. ‌The picture quality is outstanding proving its at least in HD.”

Features and Performance

  • “The low latency game mode works decent, you won’t notice really any‌ while ​its on. Keystones ‌adjustments are lost in gaming mode.”
  • “The built-in apps and stuff are trash, use your own ‍stick. No keystone with gaming⁢ mode.”
  • “The colors are vibrant, and the contrast is excellent. The built-in​ speakers provide surprisingly good audio quality, eliminating the need for external speakers in most cases.”
  • “Lots of things to tinker with and truly maximize not ⁤only your visual experience, but ‍also the audio.⁢ Focusing the Aurora is easy and thanks to a recent update, now features an improved ‘focus screen’ to really help users sharpen the device to ⁤its fullest.”

Issues and⁤ Resolution

  • I have had a few technical issues with the projector, such as⁣ connectivity problems with my devices and occasional freezing. However, the customer support team was very helpful and ‌responsive in resolving these issues.”
  • “I ‍initially had trouble‍ getting the projector to connect to my Wi-Fi, but after contacting customer⁣ support, they guided me through a few troubleshooting steps and I ‍was‌ able to get it connected.”
  • “I experienced ‌some issues with the remote control not working properly, but after reaching​ out to customer support, they quickly sent me a replacement remote which solved the problem.”

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Vivid Color Reproduction: The NexiGo Aurora Pro delivers vibrant and accurate colors​ for a truly immersive viewing experience.
  2. Ultra Short Throw: With its ultra short throw ‍capability, you ​can cast a huge ‌screen in any room size.
  3. Active 3D ⁢Display: Enjoy 3D​ movies and gaming with the Aurora Pro’s active 3D display support.
  4. Smooth Action: The advanced MEMC technology ensures fluid motion, perfect ​for sports‌ and action⁣ scenes.
  5. Lightning-Fast Streaming: With⁣ Wi-Fi 6, you can instantly‍ access all‌ your favorite content without any lag.
  6. Advanced Keystone Correction: The Aurora Pro offers advanced 8-point⁤ keystone correction to ensure a perfectly level⁣ projection.
  7. Backlit Remote: The remote control features a⁤ convenient backlight for easy navigation, even in the dark.
  8. Supports TV Sticks and CEC: Easily connect ⁤TV sticks like Roku or FireTV using‌ HDMI 2.1 ports and take advantage of‌ the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)​ functionality.


  1. Requires ALR Screen for Optimal‍ Viewing: For the best visual quality, it‌ is recommended to use the ALR Fresnel projector screen designed specifically for UST laser projectors.
  2. Uneven Wall Projection: UST‌ projectors may magnify⁢ any minor irregularities on the wall, causing⁣ a wavy image.
  3. Noisy Fan: Some‌ users⁣ have reported a noticeable fan noise during⁢ operation.
  4. Expensive: The ‌NexiGo Aurora Pro comes with a premium ⁣price tag,⁤ which may be a limiting factor for some consumers.
  5. Large and Heavy: Due to its advanced features and built-in speakers, the Aurora⁢ Pro is relatively large and heavy, requiring a sturdy setup.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Does the Aurora Pro support 3D playback?
A: Yes, the Aurora Pro supports 3D playback in various formats, including⁤ frame cpacking, ⁤frame sequential, left and right, ​and‌ top and bottom.

Q: Is it​ necessary to purchase an ‌ALR screen for a better viewing experience?
A: For optimal visual quality, use our ALR Fresnel projector⁣ screen, tailored for UST laser projectors. Its impressive‍ 85% ambient light resistance provides clear images in well-lit‌ spaces, surpassing​ projection on ‍flat walls or unlit screens.

Q: Can I use TV sticks like the Roku or FireTV with the Aurora Pro? Does it support CEC functionality?
A: Yes! Easily connect TV sticks to Aurora Pro using HDMI ‍2.1 ports for seamless content streaming and app access⁣ on a larger, high-quality screen. Plus, the HDMI‌ port features Consumer⁣ Electronics Control (CEC) functionality for added convenience.

Q: Why⁤ do I see a wavy image when I project on the wall?
A: This is caused by the unevenness of the wall. UST projectors tend to magnify even minor irregularities because of the‌ throw distance. ‍The projector throws an image at a​ very⁤ sharp projection angle, especially towards the edges and the top of the screen.

Q:​ Does the remote control support backlighting‌ and air mouse functions?
A:⁤ Certainly! Our‌ remote ⁣control offers convenient backlighting for easy navigation. ‌Activate the Air Mouse⁤ function for effortless motion controls. Enjoy quick access to all functions, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

We ⁣hope this Q&A section has addressed some of your questions about the NexiGo Aurora ​Pro! If you have any‍ further ⁤inquiries, feel free ‍to reach out to us.

Achieve New Heights

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In conclusion, the NexiGo Aurora Pro is truly the ultimate 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector for an immersive viewing experience. With its vivid color reproduction, Dolby Vision technology, seamless gaming capabilities, and epic⁤ 150″ screen, this projector will transport you into a world of stunning visuals.

Not only does the Aurora ⁤Pro deliver ⁢exceptional picture quality, but it also boasts lightning-fast streaming with Wi-Fi 6,⁢ advanced keystone correction for a perfectly level projection, and a backlit‌ remote for easy control in‌ the dark.

But that’s not​ all – the Aurora ‍Pro supports 3D playback,‍ making your movie nights ​even more exciting. And with its compatibility with TV sticks like Roku and FireTV, as well as CEC functionality, you can seamlessly stream your favorite content on a larger, high-quality screen.

If you’re concerned about the ⁤viewing experience in well-lit spaces, the Aurora Pro offers an ALR Fresnel projector screen that provides an⁢ impressive 85% ambient⁣ light resistance, surpassing projection on flat walls or unlit screens.

And let’s not forget about the sound – with built-in 60W stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos support, you’ll be immersed in a cinematic journey like never before. Plus, with the Aurora ⁢Pro’s low latency and smooth‍ motion, you can enjoy your favorite games without sacrificing quality.

So why wait? Experience the ultimate viewing experience with the NexiGo‌ Aurora Pro. Click here to get yours now and elevate your entertainment to new heights: LINK TO PRODUCT

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