Secure Your Secrets with Our Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Secure Your Secrets with Our Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Welcome to ⁢our product review blog! Today, we are excited to share ‍our experience with the SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock. This smart biometric lock is a keyless solution for securing your files, wardrobes, and other wooden furniture in your home office.

Designed with child safety in mind, this electric lock ​provides peace⁤ of mind by allowing only authorized fingerprints to unlock it. With the ability‍ to store up to 40 fingerprints, you can share access with trusted⁤ individuals while keeping ​your personal items secure.

The‍ AI memory feature and emergency USB charging option ensure that you never get locked out due to⁢ a dead battery. Additionally, the quick unlock and auto-lock ‌functions make access effortless ‌and ensure that your belongings stay safe even ⁢if you forget to lock​ the cabinet.

With wide applications across various types ⁤of wood furniture, easy installation, and quality ​customer service​ including a 30-day return/refund policy, the SUMNEW ‍Fingerprint⁢ Cabinet Lock is a convenient and reliable solution for enhancing privacy and security in your home or office. Stay tuned for our detailed review!

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Enhance the safety of your personal ⁤items ​with this innovative fingerprint lock. With the ability to ⁤store up to 40 fingerprints, you can easily⁣ share access with trusted individuals. ⁢The quick unlock feature ​allows you to access ‍your belongings in just 0.5 ⁢seconds, making it convenient for everyday use. Say goodbye to misplaced keys or forgotten passwords!

This ‍smart biometric lock is suitable for a wide range of wooden furniture, including wardrobes,⁢ drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes. The easy installation process ensures that it​ can be seamlessly integrated into ‍your existing furniture. Don’t worry about ‌running out⁤ of⁢ power, as the lock supports emergency charging via USB cable. ​Experience the peace of mind that comes with protecting your cherished belongings.

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Impressive Features and⁣ Aspects

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The “SUMNEW⁣ Fingerprint Cabinet⁢ Lock” boasts that make it a top choice for⁢ improving the safety of personal items and ​secrets. The lock can ⁢record up to 40 fingerprints, allowing trusted ⁣individuals to⁣ unlock ⁣it as well. This added security feature ensures that your files ⁤and items are protected from unwanted access. Additionally,‌ the lock supports USB​ cable​ emergency charging, eliminating the worry ⁢of ⁤being unable to unlock due to low power. This humanized design creates a private​ space⁤ for you to enjoy your life without concerns.

Moreover, this smart ​biometric lock⁣ has ​a wide application range in wood furniture, such as wardrobes, drawers, cabinets, ​and‌ storage boxes. Its easy installation makes ‍it ​suitable⁢ for various furniture types, as long as​ the ⁢thickness is appropriate. With quick‍ unlock ‍and auto-lock features, the lock offers advanced fingerprint technology with improved⁢ response and sensitivity. Unlocking takes only 0.5 seconds, providing a hassle-free experience ⁤without the⁤ need for extra cards, keys, apps, or Bluetooth connections. The auto-lock‍ feature also ensures peace of mind by automatically locking after a period of ‍time, preventing forgetfulness. Upgrade your security and privacy with the “SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock” today!

In-depth Insights and⁣ Observations

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After using the SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock, we were impressed with the level ​of privacy protection it offers. The ability to ‍record up to 40 fingerprints allows trusted individuals to access the locked cabinet, ensuring your⁣ personal items remain‍ secure. Additionally, ​the lock’s AI ​memory feature and emergency charge function ⁣provide⁤ peace ⁤of mind, as low power levels⁢ will not hinder unlocking. The humanized design of this lock aims to create a private space, perfect for safeguarding important documents or belongings from potential damage or interference.

Another feature we appreciated‍ about this smart biometric ⁤lock is its wide application. ‍It can be ‌easily installed​ in various wooden furniture pieces such as wardrobes, ⁢drawers, and ⁣cabinets, making it a versatile ​security solution for​ different areas of‍ your home or office. With quick unlock capabilities and automatic⁢ locking after a period of time, this lock eliminates the need for extra cards, keys, or apps, streamlining the⁣ security process. Overall, the SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock offers quality service, including a 30-day return/refund policy, to ensure customer satisfaction. Upgrade your security system today and make your ⁤life more colorful with‌ this innovative ⁢fingerprint ​lock!

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Recommendations‍ for Optimal Use

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For optimal use of our fingerprint cabinet lock, we recommend following these‌ suggestions:

  • Make sure to register your fingerprints correctly to ensure smooth unlocking.
  • Keep the lock charged using a USB cable to avoid any inconvenience due to low power.
  • Install​ the ​lock on furniture​ with⁢ appropriate thickness for a secure fit.
  • Utilize the lock’s capability‌ to record up to 40 fingerprints to share ​access ‌with trusted individuals.

Additionally, ​take advantage of the advanced features of our smart biometric lock for a hassle-free experience:

  • Experience quick‌ unlocking with a ​0.5-second response time for added convenience.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced privacy protection, especially in busy households.

Number ⁢of fingerprints recorded: Up ⁢to 40
Charging method: USB cable

Transform your home or office security ⁤with our⁤ fingerprint cabinet lock ‌and make your life more colorful. Get yours today and experience the ⁢convenience and safety it⁤ brings!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After examining the feedback​ from customers who purchased our SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock, we’ve gathered some useful insights to ‍share with you.

Review Summary
Purchased this item to be able to lock⁣ the center console of my car. Installation wasn’t ‍very difficult if you’re handy⁣ with tools. It been⁢ working great Easy installation and reliable performance
Fun little product that works even though the size is larger than is like and plastic build quality is average Quality and size concerns, but overall satisfaction
Easy to install, no key to look for or combination to remember. It’s secure, and not a bad price Simple and secure with good value
The lock latch is fine, but registering ​your finger is a bit complicated. ⁢The sensor may need recalibration Issues with fingerprint registration,⁣ but functional ⁤latch
Worked great for about two months. ​Some intermittent issues with fingerprint recognition over time Initial performance satisfaction,​ but‌ reliability concerns
Keeps ⁣important​ items secure from ⁢grandchildren, installation slightly challenging at first Child safety ⁣and emergency access benefits, with slight ⁢installation challenge
Understandable limitations due to⁣ price, suitable for low-level security needs Affordable option for specific security requirements, but not high strength
Quick and easy installation, despite minor build​ quality ⁤concerns Effortless setup and operation, with minor construction flaws
Basic criteria of a lock ⁢is it should be strong and sturdy, this is ‍made of very ‌bad quality plastic and ‍the electronics do ‍not ⁤look ‍reliable at all Disappointing build quality, reliability issues highlighted
Works very well, easy ‌to use⁣ and the team is very supportive they coordinated how to setup (add/remove fingerprints) Smooth operation and helpful customer service
Need a carpenter ‌to install it.⁤ Good after sales service as ‌well Installation assistance required, positive after-sales support

From the‌ reviews, it’s ⁤clear that our biometric fingerprint lock offers convenience and security, with some users appreciating the ease of use and installation while others expressed concerns about build quality ⁤and reliability. ​We acknowledge ​these points and ​strive to‍ continuously improve⁤ our product to meet customer expectations. If you’re looking for a keyless solution to secure your belongings, consider giving ‍our smart lock⁢ a try!

Pros &⁤ Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Secure and keyless biometric fingerprint lock
  • Efficient in preventing unauthorized access to personal items
  • Can store up to 40 fingerprints for shared ⁣access
  • USB cable emergency charge for uninterrupted use
  • Easy installation on various wooden furniture
  • Quick ⁢unlock in just 0.5 seconds
  • Auto lock feature for⁣ added⁢ security


  • Micro cable​ and ​AAA batteries not included
  • May not be suitable‌ for non-wooden furniture


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Q: Can I set up multiple fingerprints for this lock?

A: ⁢Yes, our fingerprint cabinet lock can record⁤ up to‍ 40​ different fingerprints, allowing you to share access with trusted individuals.

Q: Is this⁣ lock easy‌ to install?

A:​ Absolutely! Our smart biometric​ lock is designed ‍for easy installation on‍ wood‍ furniture ⁢such as wardrobes, drawers, ​and cabinets. Just make sure your furniture is thick enough for ⁤a secure fit.

Q: How long does the ⁣lock take to unlock?

A:‍ With advanced fingerprint lock technology, our lock has a super quick response time of 0.5 seconds. You’ll be able to unlock your cabinet or drawer in the blink of an eye!

Q: What happens if the lock runs out⁤ of power?

A: Don’t worry about being locked out in a power​ outage. Our lock comes with emergency USB cable charging capabilities, ​ensuring ⁢you’ll ‌always have access⁤ to your belongings.

Q: Is there a warranty for⁤ this product?

A: We offer a 30-day, no-reason ​return/refund policy for⁢ your peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns while using our fingerprint ​lock, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.⁣

Achieve New Heights

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As we wrap up our review of the SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock, we hope you see the value and ‌security it can bring to‍ your personal ‌space. ​With advanced‌ technology, easy installation, and quality service, this biometric ⁣lock is sure to ‌keep your secrets safe and sound.

If you’re ready to take the next step in safeguarding your belongings, click here ⁣to get your own SUMNEW Fingerprint Cabinet Lock today!

Remember, your privacy and security ⁤are important. Trust in‌ our product to keep ‍your ⁢secrets secure. Thank you for reading our review and happy​ shopping!

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