SecuStone: Elevating Home Security with Cutting-Edge Tech!

SecuStone: Elevating Home Security with Cutting-Edge Tech!

Welcome to our ⁢review of the Secustone ⁣Fingerprint ‌Door Lock! We recently had the pleasure​ of testing⁣ out this ⁢innovative smart lock, and we’re excited to share our experience with⁤ you.
From the renowned Chitongda Group comes ​Secustone, a sub-brand dedicated to merging security with cutting-edge technology. With a name derived from “Security” and “Stone,” it’s clear that Secustone prioritizes both safety and sophistication in their ⁤products.
Let’s dive into what makes this fingerprint door lock stand out. Firstly, its large area fingerprint sensor boasts an impressive upgrade, increasing the‌ sensor’s resolution by 35% ⁣compared to standard ​models.‍ This enhancement⁢ ensures reliable and swift access for authorized users.
One of the standout features is‍ the auto-locking function, a‌ lifesaver for those of us prone to forgetting ⁤to lock the door. With customizable settings ‌via the‌ app, you can dictate when ‍the door‌ automatically locks ​after being ⁣unlocked, providing peace⁣ of mind even when you’re in a rush.
Managing access is a breeze with ⁤the ⁢ability to add up to 50 sets of ⁢passwords⁢ and 100 ⁣fingerprints. Plus, the option ‍to generate temporary ⁣passwords‍ via‌ the app adds an ‍extra layer of convenience, ideal for granting access to guests or service providers.
Security is paramount, and ‍this smart ​lock doesn’t disappoint. It’s equipped with a wrong ⁣password/fingerprint alarm, ⁣alerting you via the app if an unauthorized attempt is made to access ⁢your home⁣ or ⁣office.
But wait, ⁢there’s more! ⁤With Bluetooth functionality integrated into‍ the lock, unlocking and locking your door is as simple as a tap on your smartphone, offering ‌seamless control from up to 10 meters⁤ away.
In summary, the Secustone⁣ Fingerprint Door Lock combines advanced security features with ‍user-friendly technology, making it an excellent choice for enhancing‌ the safety and convenience of your⁣ space.⁣ Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our ⁢experience with this impressive smart lock.

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When it comes to home‌ security, our brand takes pride ⁢in offering‍ innovative solutions that blend advanced technology with robust protection. Established under the Chitongda Group in 1998 in ShenZhen, China, Secustone embodies the essence of ​security⁢ and ‍strength. Derived from the fusion of⁣ “Security” and “Stone,” ⁣our ‍brand name⁣ symbolizes ⁤our commitment to⁤ delivering⁣ comprehensive‌ security ‍solutions globally while ensuring that users experience the ‌resilience and reliability of our products.

We introduce ​to you a cutting-edge Smart Lock that redefines ‍convenience and safety for your⁣ living spaces.⁢ Equipped with a large area fingerprint sensor boasting an enhanced resolution of⁤ 160*160, a significant increase compared to conventional sensors, our door lock ensures precise and swift recognition for effortless access. Its auto-locking feature adds an ​extra⁤ layer of security, allowing you ⁣to set the interval time through our⁣ intuitive mobile app. With the capacity to​ store up to ⁤ 50 sets ‍of passwords and 100 ​fingerprints, including the ‍provision for generating temporary passwords,‍ you can grant access to trusted⁤ individuals seamlessly.⁣ Furthermore, ‌our smart lock incorporates an intelligent system that triggers an alarm notification via the app in the event of unauthorized attempts, safeguarding ⁢your property effectively.

Exploring‍ the Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock

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Delving into the realm ⁣of home security solutions, ‌we‌ ventured into the innovative landscape​ of the Secustone‌ Fingerprint Door ‌Lock. Crafted under the esteemed Chitongda Group, with⁣ roots tracing back ⁣to ⁤1998 in⁢ ShenZhen,⁤ China, the Secustone brand embodies the fusion of “Security” and “Stone”. This ​amalgamation signifies our commitment to providing comprehensive⁤ security solutions⁢ globally, while also inviting users ‌to bask in‍ the ​technological prowess and protective‍ embrace of our products.

Our exploration led us to uncover remarkable features that elevate the experience of home ⁣security. ‍With​ an upgraded ⁣large-area fingerprint sensor boasting a⁤ resolution of 160×160, an ⁢increase of 35% compared to standard sensors, authentication becomes swift and precise.⁣ The smart⁣ lock’s automatic-locking function, configurable via ‍the intuitive mobile app, ensures peace​ of mind by securing the‍ door promptly after unlocking. Moreover, the flexibility ⁢to add up to 50 sets of passwords ​and 100 ‍fingerprints, along with the ability to generate temporary passwords, amplifies accessibility without compromising security. In ‍cases of unauthorized attempts, ⁢the⁣ smart alarm system promptly alerts users, empowering⁤ them ⁢to⁢ take​ necessary action.

👍 Large Area‍ Fingerprint Sensor Enhanced resolution for swift and‌ precise authentication.
👍 Auto-Locking Configurable‌ automatic-locking function for immediate security.
👍 Temporary Password Flexible access with the option to⁣ generate ‌temporary passwords.
👍 Wrong Password/Fingerprint Alarm Instant alerts in case of unauthorized access attempts.

Exploring further, we discovered the seamless integration of Bluetooth functionality, allowing users to unlock and⁣ lock the door remotely via the Tuya app. This convenient feature extends accessibility, enabling ​effortless ​control⁣ within⁣ a range of ⁢5-10 meters from the smart lock. With⁣ each facet meticulously designed to enhance ‍both security and convenience, the Secustone Fingerprint‌ Door⁢ Lock stands as a ⁢testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for​ modern living.

Key Features

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<p>Our Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock is designed to offer unparalleled security and convenience for your home or office. Let's delve into the  that make this smart lock a must-have:</p>
<li><strong>LARGE AREA FINGERPRINT SENSOR:</strong> With an upgraded resolution, our fingerprint sensor boasts a larger area (160*160) compared to ordinary sensors, enhancing accuracy by 35%. This ensures swift and precise recognition, providing you with quick access to your property.</li>
<li><strong>AUTO-LOCKING:</strong> Say goodbye to worrying about whether you've locked the door! Our smart lock features an automatic-locking function that can be easily configured via the app. Once unlocked, the door will automatically re-lock within the designated time frame, offering peace of mind and heightened security.</li>
<li><strong>TEMPORARY PASSWORD:</strong> For added flexibility, our smart door lock allows you to create temporary passwords through the app. With the ability to generate up to 50 sets of passwords and register 100 fingerprints, you can grant temporary access to guests or service providers, all within a specified time range.</li>
<li><strong>WRONG PASSWORD/FINGERPRINT ALARM:</strong> Safeguard your property with our intelligent alarm system. If an unauthorized individual attempts to unlock the door using incorrect credentials multiple times, the smart app will promptly alert you, enabling you to take appropriate action.</li>
<li><strong>BLUETOOTH APP UNLOCK:</strong> Enjoy seamless access control with our Bluetooth-enabled smart lock. By connecting to the Tuya app via Bluetooth, you can effortlessly unlock and lock the door using your smartphone, even from a distance of 5-10 meters. Experience ultimate convenience at your fingertips.</li>
<p>Discover the unparalleled security and convenience of our Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock. Upgrade your home or office security today!</p>
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Unlocking the ⁢Potential: A⁣ Closer Look at the Features

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Exploring the⁢ intricate features⁢ of our smart ​door⁤ lock unveils a world of convenience and ⁣security that seamlessly ‌integrates into your ⁣daily life.

Firstly, our​ large area fingerprint sensor sets a new⁢ standard in biometric access control.⁤ With⁤ an increased area​ of 160*160, a 35% improvement over‍ standard‌ sensors, it ensures⁢ swift and accurate recognition for seamless entry.

Another standout feature is the automatic-locking function. Customizable through our intuitive app, you ⁢can set the lock to automatically engage within your preferred time⁣ frame after‌ unlocking, providing peace of mind even in your busiest moments.

Feature Description
Temporary Passwords Add​ up⁣ to 50 sets of passwords and 100 fingerprints, and generate temporary codes via the⁣ app for⁤ convenient, time-limited ⁤access.
Wrong Password/Fingerprint Alarm Receive instant alerts on the app ​if unauthorized attempts are made, ‍enhancing overall security and ​awareness.
Bluetooth App Unlock Utilize Bluetooth ‌connectivity to unlock the door remotely via the Tuya app, extending control up⁤ to 5-10 meters away for added ​convenience.

Moreover, the Bluetooth App Unlock ⁤feature adds an extra layer of accessibility, allowing seamless control from your smartphone alongside ⁢traditional unlocking methods. This versatility ensures that regardless of your ⁢preference, be it fingerprint, password, or key, accessing your space is effortless and secure.

Discover the future of home security and⁢ convenience with our ‌innovative smart lock. Unlock possibilities with just​ a touch or tap here.

In-depth Analysis

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Our of the Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock ‌reveals a product that seamlessly‍ integrates advanced technology with robust security features. The ⁤brand, Chitongda‌ Group, established‌ in⁣ 1998,‍ brings its expertise to the forefront with the Secustone sub-brand. The name itself, derived from “Security” ​and “Stone,” ⁢underscores ⁤the core ‌principles of the brand: to provide comprehensive security solutions while ensuring users experience the ⁤solidity and reliability of stone.

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One ⁣of the‍ standout features of this smart lock is its ‍ large area fingerprint sensor,​ boasting ⁢an ⁤impressive resolution upgrade.‌ With a sensor ⁣area increased by 35% ⁢compared to ordinary⁢ models, users ‍can expect enhanced accuracy and efficiency​ in‍ fingerprint recognition. Moreover,‍ the auto-locking function adds an extra ⁢layer of convenience and security, automatically locking​ the door within a⁣ customizable ⁢time frame ⁤after unlocking.

Furthermore, the ability to generate temporary passwords through⁤ the accompanying app offers flexibility in granting access to ​guests or service providers. With support for up ⁣to 50 sets ‍of passwords and ​100 fingerprints, users have ample control over access permissions. The wrong password/fingerprint alarm feature provides proactive security alerts, notifying⁤ users‍ of unauthorized attempts to gain entry.

Incorporating Bluetooth connectivity expands the usability of the lock, allowing users to unlock​ and lock their doors remotely ‍via the Tuya app. With​ a range of 5-10 meters, this⁣ feature enhances convenience without compromising security. Overall, the ⁢Secustone Fingerprint ⁢Door Lock stands out​ as a reliable and feature-rich ⁣solution for modern security needs.

Behind the Scenes:‌ Detailed Insights ⁤and Recommendations

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As we‍ delve ​into ⁤the intricate workings of this ​innovative​ product, it’s fascinating‍ to uncover ⁣the meticulous design elements that contribute to ⁤its‌ exceptional performance. Stemming from the esteemed Chitongda Group, ​with‍ its inception ‌dating back ⁣to 1998⁢ in ShenZhen, China, Secustone emerges as a sub-brand embodying a fusion of security and sophistication.

Embracing ⁣the ethos of “Security” and ⁢”Stone,” Secustone epitomizes a commitment to furnishing comprehensive home security⁣ solutions ‌globally, while⁢ also delivering a seamless blend‌ of technological prowess and robust‌ security features. Notably,⁣ the ‍**large ⁣area​ fingerprint sensor** stands out as a testament‌ to this dedication, boasting an impressive resolution of 160×160, surpassing conventional sensors by 35%. This ⁤enhancement ​not only amplifies accuracy but also ensures swift and reliable access control.

Feature Benefit
Automatic-locking function Ensures enhanced security by automatically locking ⁣the door within ⁤a designated time frame ‍after unlocking, customizable via the ⁤intuitive app.
Temporary Password Generation Empowers users with ‌the​ flexibility‍ to generate ⁣temporary passwords through the ⁤app, ideal for granting​ short-term access to trusted individuals.
Wrong Password/Fingerprint Alarm Provides proactive security measures by ⁣alerting users ⁢via the smart app in the event ⁢of unauthorized access ⁤attempts, reinforcing ⁢peace of mind.
Bluetooth App Unlock Integrates seamlessly with‍ the Tuya app via Bluetooth, ⁢enabling convenient unlocking and locking⁢ functionalities from ⁤the convenience of your smartphone within a range of 5-10 meters.

Furthermore, the integration of advanced‌ features such as ⁤**auto-locking**, **temporary password generation**, ⁣and **wrong password/fingerprint alarms** underscores the ‌product’s unwavering commitment ⁣to user convenience and security. These features not only enhance accessibility‌ but also⁢ fortify ‍the defense against potential security breaches, instilling confidence‍ in users​ regarding the safety of their spaces.

For those seeking a harmonious​ blend⁤ of cutting-edge technology and uncompromising⁤ security, this ‍fingerprint door ‌lock from Secustone emerges as ⁣an indispensable addition to modern living spaces. Elevate your ‍home or office security to unprecedented‌ levels of⁣ sophistication and convenience by unlocking the ‌potential of this remarkable innovation.

Explore the limitless possibilities of Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

Review Analysis

I bought this door lock to put on‍ our door⁢ that leads ⁣to the ⁤upstairs we live in‍ the down ‍stairs area…

This review ​highlights the peace of ⁣mind and ​enhanced security provided by the SecuStone Fingerprint Door⁣ Lock. The customer appreciates the ease‌ of ⁣installation, multiple security features, and the ability to monitor⁣ access through the app.

I really loved it the‍ first year ⁤I had it, but almost exactly a‌ year later it’s completely​ malfunctioning…

The customer experienced a malfunction after a year ⁤of use but was satisfied with the company’s⁤ response to resolve the issue. ‍This indicates a need for potential improvements ⁢in product durability.

This lock is similar, ⁤almost​ identical, to several‌ locks by other sellers/manufacturers…

The review ‍criticizes the​ complexity of programming and suggests improvements in⁢ instructional ​materials and website accessibility. It also acknowledges the⁢ ease of ⁤physical installation ‍but raises concerns about software usability.

Arrived on time and was more than ​enthused to get it installed and working…

The customer appreciates⁢ the timely delivery ‌and expresses anticipation for⁣ installation. ​However, encountered ⁢sizing ⁣issues with the ‌door,‍ delaying the installation process.

The most worrisome part when‍ I bought this was the battery issue…

This review emphasizes the longevity of battery life ⁤and provides a⁣ helpful tip for ⁣conserving energy when‌ using ‌the lock. It highlights⁤ practical usage scenarios and ‍ease of operation.


A ‍highly positive review emphasizing the convenience and ⁤tech-savvy features of the ​SecuStone Fingerprint ⁤Door Lock,‌ endorsing its recommendation to others.

I needed a door ​latch that mostly⁤ stays unlocked…

This review identifies a‌ specific need ⁢for a customizable locking mechanism but criticizes the autolock ⁢feature’s tendency to engage unexpectedly, suggesting ‍room for improvement in user control.

I like everything about it!

Simple yet strong affirmation of⁤ satisfaction with the product, praising its​ build quality,⁤ aesthetics, and functional features.

I’m impressed with⁤ this lock…

Positive‍ feedback highlighting the sturdy construction, ‌intuitive features, and overall satisfaction with the SecuStone Fingerprint Door Lock.

Avoid purchasing this product…

A negative review citing a malfunction after a short period and dissatisfaction with customer service. Suggests improvements in product⁤ reliability and after-sales support.

I read a lot of negative reviews on how ⁣complex this was to install…

The review acknowledges common concerns about complexity but offers a solution through the Tuya Smart app. It ‌praises product quality and ⁤affordability, indicating a positive overall impression.

The biggest ‍problem with this ​unit is ⁢the instructions are wrong on reversing the handles…

The customer ⁣highlights issues with instructional clarity ​and ‍offers practical advice for installation. While noting ⁣difficulties, it recognizes the product’s functionality and potential longevity.

First thing I’m gonna say the installation ‌instructions are crap…

A mixed review acknowledging challenges in ‌installation but ‌praising the product’s functionality and suitability for office use.

In our ⁤analysis of customer reviews for the SecuStone Fingerprint Door Lock, we’ve observed a range of experiences and opinions. Here’s a breakdown:
Positive ‍Highlights:
Customers appreciate the ⁢peace of mind⁣ provided by the lock’s security features, especially its⁣ ability to ‍restrict access and monitor usage.
Many⁢ users found the installation process relatively straightforward and praised the lock’s build quality and aesthetics.
Positive remarks were​ made about ⁤the‌ convenience of features like fingerprint recognition⁤ and⁣ smartphone connectivity.
Areas for Improvement:
Some customers encountered ⁤issues with malfunctioning after extended use, highlighting a potential need for improved durability.
Criticisms were ⁣raised ​regarding the complexity of programming and the clarity of instructional materials, ⁣suggesting areas for enhancement in user⁣ experience and support.
Concerns⁣ about ⁤unexpected⁤ autolock engagement ‌and sizing​ compatibility​ indicate areas for refinement in customization and ⁤product design.
Overall,⁢ while there‍ are areas‍ for ‍improvement,‍ the SecuStone ⁤Fingerprint‌ Door Lock received praise⁢ for its security features, ease of installation, and innovative functionality.

Pros & ​Cons

Pros & Cons


Pros Details
Advanced Fingerprint Sensor Upgraded resolution for better‌ accuracy and security.
Auto-Locking Feature Convenient automatic locking within customizable intervals.
Temporary ‌Passwords Allows ​for easy sharing of access with temporary ⁣codes.
Wrong Password/Fingerprint ​Alarm Enhanced security​ with immediate alerts for unauthorized attempts.
Bluetooth ‌App⁢ Unlock Added convenience with ⁢smartphone control via Bluetooth.


  • Reliance on Smartphone: Some‍ features, like Bluetooth unlocking, require a⁣ smartphone, which could be inconvenient for⁢ users‍ without ⁣one.
  • Complex Setup: Setting up and managing multiple access methods may be overwhelming for ‍some users.
  • Potential Tech Glitches: Like any electronic⁢ device, there’s a possibility ⁣of technical malfunctions or software‌ bugs affecting⁤ performance.
  • Price: The advanced features come at a cost, ⁢making‍ this smart lock a more ⁣significant investment compared to ‍traditional locks.

Overall, SecuStone’s Fingerprint ⁢Door Lock offers a ⁢blend of⁢ cutting-edge technology and enhanced security features, but potential buyers ‌should consider their individual needs ⁣and preferences​ before making a ​purchase.


Q&A Section:
Q1: Can I still use a regular ⁤key⁣ with this smart lock?
Yes, absolutely!‍ Our Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock comes equipped with a backup key option for traditional access. So, if you prefer the old-fashioned way, you ‍can still use⁤ your key without any worries.
Q2: Is‍ the installation process difficult?
Not ‍at all! We designed the installation ⁢process ⁤to be ⁤user-friendly, with step-by-step instructions included in‍ the package. Most users find it easy to set up without needing professional assistance.
Q3: ‌How secure is the fingerprint technology?
Our fingerprint sensor technology is highly advanced, utilizing a large area sensor with upgraded resolution for enhanced accuracy and security. Plus, with the ⁢option to store up to 100 fingerprints, you can ensure access ​for your entire family ⁢while maintaining top-notch​ security.
Q4: ⁣Can I control⁢ the​ lock​ remotely?
Absolutely! With the Bluetooth function and the Tuya app, you can conveniently unlock or lock your door from anywhere within a 5-10 meter range. This feature adds an extra ‍layer of convenience and peace of mind to your home security ‌system.
Q5: What happens if I forget​ my password or fingerprint ⁤fails ⁢to work?
No ​need to⁢ worry! Our smart lock system allows you to generate temporary⁢ passwords through the ‍app, ensuring you ⁣always ⁤have access when you need it. Additionally, the app‌ will‍ notify you if there are any ⁣unauthorized attempts to access your lock, providing ⁤added security against intruders.
Q6: Can I customize the ‍auto-locking ⁤feature?
Yes, you can!​ Our smart lock comes with an automatic-locking function that can be easily customized through the ‍app. Simply set the interval time to⁢ your ‍preference, and ⁤the door will automatically lock ⁢after unlocking within⁢ the‍ specified timeframe.
Q7: Is there any warranty ⁤included with the product?
Of course! We⁣ stand behind the quality and‌ performance of our Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock.⁤ Each purchase is backed ​by our warranty program, ensuring your ⁤satisfaction and⁢ peace of mind. If you‍ encounter any issues, simply reach out to ⁤our customer support team, and we’ll be happy to ‌assist you.
Q8: Can this smart lock be installed on ‌any type of door?
Our smart lock is designed ⁢to be versatile ​and ‍compatible with most standard ‌doors.‌ Whether it’s for your‍ bedroom, apartment, or⁣ office, you can easily install our Secustone Fingerprint Door Lock and enjoy the convenience and security‍ it provides.
Q9: How ​long does the battery last, and is it ⁤easy to replace?
The ‍battery life of our ​smart lock varies depending on ‌usage but⁤ typically lasts several months before needing replacement. Replacing the batteries ⁣is a simple process, with easy-to-follow instructions provided in the user manual.
Q10: Is the smart⁢ lock weatherproof?
Yes,⁢ our Secustone Fingerprint⁣ Door Lock ​is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it⁢ suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether⁢ it’s rain ⁣or shine,​ you can trust⁣ that‌ your home will remain secure with our weatherproof smart lock.

Achieve ⁣New Heights

As we wrap up our exploration into the⁢ SecuStone Fingerprint Door ⁢Lock, we can’t help but marvel at the ingenious fusion ​of security and‌ technology brought to life‍ by Chitongda Group’s ​sub-brand, Secustone.
From its inception, ‌Secustone has been dedicated to redefining home security, and this smart lock stands as a testament to their commitment. With its ⁢large area fingerprint ⁢sensor boasting⁢ a 35% increase in resolution, alongside features like auto-locking, temporary password generation, and wrong​ password/fingerprint alarms, it’s⁤ clear that⁤ every aspect of⁢ security has been ‌meticulously​ considered.
But what truly sets this smart lock apart is its seamless integration⁤ of cutting-edge technology. With Bluetooth ​connectivity and the Tuya app,​ unlocking your door ⁣becomes as effortless as a tap ‌on your phone⁣ screen, from ⁢up to⁤ 10 meters away.
In a ⁢world where security is paramount, the SecuStone Fingerprint ‍Door Lock stands as a beacon of innovation and peace of mind for homeowners,‍ renters, and office managers ​alike.
Ready to elevate your home ⁢security? Click here to get ‌your hands on the SecuStone Fingerprint Door ⁢Lock now!
Secure Your Home Today!

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